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"Inspiring Excellence in Nursing"

St. Isabel's College of Nursing is a private institution located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Established in 1983, the college has earned accreditation from the Indian Nursing Council (INC).

Offering a strong academic curriculum in the field of nursing, St. Isabel's College of Nursing provides two popular degree programs: Diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery (DGNM) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSc). The institution not only emphasizes a solid teaching pedagogy but also fosters a culture of research and innovation.

At St. Isabel's College of Nursing, there is a focus on well-rounded development through extracurricular activities and involvement in both national and international collaborations. The college's infrastructure is designed to support this comprehensive approach to education. Graduates from St. Isabel's College of Nursing enjoy diverse placement opportunities, with options in both the corporate and public sectors as well as the potential for entrepreneurship.

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*Application fees - DGNM - Rs. 500. B.Sc. Nursing - Rs. 750

*Only female candidates will be considered for admission. Last date for submission of application: 30 June 2023