the Hospital

St. Isabel's Hospital was founded on 19th March 1949 with the idea of providing maternity care to women from all walks of life. There were several medical stalwarts at the helm of this mission. In the beginning, the sisters had to make a lot of sacrifices to help those who were sick. Over time, their compassion and competence earned them great respect and love among the patients. This became the foundation for the success of the hospital. In response to the growing demand from patients, over the last 70 years, the hospital expanded to a multi-speciality centre delivering a broad spectrum of services. Currently, the hospital has 300 beds and offers more than thirty specialities and super-specialities, with many more in the pipeline. The institution strives to provide cutting-edge affordable healthcare to the common man without compromising on the quality of care while adhering to the principles of a mission hospital that follows ethical practices and compassionate healthcare.

st. isabel’s hospital

About the Congregation

The congregation of the Franciscan Hospitaller sisters of the Immaculate Conception (FHIC) was formed in Portugal in 1871 for the purpose of dedicating itself to the service of the needy, especially the poor for the love of God and to witness Christ in joy and simplicity. Blessed Mother Clara and Fr. Beirao are the co-founders of the congregation. Two great charismatic and Holy souls aflame with the charity of God and the ardent desire to relieve, comfort, uplift and assist everyone in need of any kind. Their motto was “Do good where there is good to be done”. These were the inspiring words that promoted the FHIC sisters to venture into the opening of St. Isabel’s Hospital in Mylapore, Chennai.

About the Convent

During II World war, when Chennai was facing brutal consequences with wounded soldiers, epidemics etc., the FHIC sisters were invited by the late Most Rev. Don Manuel do Medeiros Guereiro, then Bishop of Mylapore to begin a hospital in Chennai. Accordingly, three courageous and dedicated sisters: Irene, Alzira, Gloria and Maria Da Lourdes Pio volunteered their services and landed in Chennai on 3 rd January 1942. They stayed at Santhome for a couple of years and on 19th March 1947, the foundation stone for the convent was blessed by the Bishop of Mylapore and laid by Sr. Alzira, Superior. The sisters at St. Isabel’s are fully involved in the health ministry, dedicated to the promotion, curative and preventive care in the field of health independently and also in association with the church, government and non-governmental organizations